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Another piece of recovery art

Animals aid recovery
Animals aid recovery
This collage is by Leda who feels that animals are excellent and very helpful in recovery.


More Recovery Art

Recovery Road
Recovery Road
Here is a collage called Recovery Road which combines my love of travel with my experience of recovery as a winding road which will take me interesting places. Sometimes I get off the road but I can always get back on.

Recovery month celebration project


To celebrate people in recovery we have started making flowers for everyone we know and don’t know is in recovery. We will be bringing them to some of the different agencies in town where people in recovery work and attend. We will hand them out to honor our friends.

The colors purple and yellow were chosen as the theme for National Recovery month so we, being frugal, bought purple and yellow paper napkins and transformed them, with a multitude of pipe cleaners into poppies, roses and imaginary flora. Please feel free to stop by The Wellness Innovations Center and pick one for yourself and one for a friend. We may show up some place near you in the near future.

Benefits Analysis in Anchorage Again!!!

If you or someone you know is on social security and is worried about losing income if they go back to work, there is now someone to talk to in Anchorage who can pin down the numbers so that educated decisions can be made.

At The UAA Center for Human Development, Larissa Cummings is now able to help with anxiety and financial confusion that comes with moving towards recovering independence. Larissa can be contacted at 264-6279 or at the main number for The Center for Human Development which is 272-8270. There will be releases of information and forms to be filled out and signed before information can be gathered. Check out this service so that you are informed about your options and responsibilities when going back to work. No one said recovery would be easy but there are people to help navigate some of the rough spots.

Recovery Art at Kaladi’s Titlewave Mall

clark2 (2)clark1

Clark Green told us about his show at Kaladi Brothers in The Titlewave Mall so we went to take a peak. Clark is a member of The Wellness Innovations Center and once went up Flattop with us, although he came down his own way. His art work is colorful and consists of many portraits of inspirational people including himself, his family, entertainers and sports figures. Go check it out this month!