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Benefits Analysis in Anchorage Again!!!

If you or someone you know is on social security and is worried about losing income if they go back to work, there is now someone to talk to in Anchorage who can pin down the numbers so that educated decisions can be made.

At The UAA Center for Human Development, Larissa Cummings is now able to help with anxiety and financial confusion that comes with moving towards recovering independence. Larissa can be contacted at 264-6279 or at the main number for The Center for Human Development which is 272-8270. There will be releases of information and forms to be filled out and signed before information can be gathered. Check out this service so that you are informed about your options and responsibilities when going back to work. No one said recovery would be easy but there are people to help navigate some of the rough spots.


Don’t tell me you’re disabled, tell me what you’re good at!

People have identities which are built around the concept of being disabled.  It’s hard to find a job if this is the first thought that comes to your mind everyday and keeps popping up.  I have to work at not defining myself as primarily a person with mental health issues.  I am a person in recovery, I’m a  baker, a singer, I make people laugh,  I’m a writer, a sister – you know the drill. 

I also like to build community. The mental health community is only one community I belong to.  I encourage people to practice defining themselves not just by a job or a disability but by what they like to do and what they excel at. This way, if they want to get a job they are already for an interview. 

Here are some current training opportunities for getting out and being part of the Anchorage working community, if that’s your thing. If you need some help with that, come see us at 2735 E. Tudor Rd, 562-7900. Ask for Joan or Alvin.

Recruiters from Personnel Plus will be at the Anchorage Job Center Midtown on Monday at 4:00 p.m. to recruit for a multitude of laborer positions.  Stop by the job center at 3301 Eagle Street, Room 104 on Monday for more information

Johnson’s Tire Service is looking to fill several positions for Sales Associate/Customer Service to work at the front counter.  Fulltime Permanent. This is an excellent opportunity and the employer is willing to train.

click on the links below for more information about:

Job corp Orientation 2013

Burlington_CoatFactory 6-6-13C

UPS 6-14-2013

For more information and to apply go to http://www.jtsalaska.com/#/careers or search ALEXsys for job order 240902 for instructions on faxing or emailing your resume and a complete job description. https://alexsys.labor.state.ak.us/

Don’t forget we’re having a big garage sale fundraiser  Friday June 7th from 10:30 – 2 pm. We have 900 videotapes in all genres so if you haven’t thrown out your VCR, this will be cheaper than netflicks or streaming – 25cents each.

Also our new calendar for June is posted on the calendar page of this blog!