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Our last days!



I am sad to say that The WIC will be closing for good in June 2014. We have had a good run.  As Spock said  in Star Trek II  – The Wrath of Khan, ” The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”   The money that has been given by The Alaska Mental Health Trust for our club house like model will go to strengthen other peer run organizations while our services will be  absorbed into Anchorage Community Mental Health.  The Alaska Mental Health Trust and The AK Division of Behavioral Health will be focusing more on employment for people with mental health disabilities, particularly individualized supported employment in community businesses.  We hope to help with that in some way.  

If you look at our calendar page you will see that we still have some events going on for May.  The Drama group will perform at the Arts and Disability  Forum at the BP energy center at 11:45 am on Monday May 12th.   We will have a cookout on Thursday May 15th and a final cookout on Thursday June 5th. That will be our final hot lunch. Sandwiches and sodas will be served Tues, Weds  & Thurs June 10-12th for those who come to help us clean up.


What will we miss about the WIC? That will take at least another post!!!


Until then, Live Long and Prosper!



Some Christmas Eve humor from Ben Franklin

I saw this in a daily reader today and had to share it as it reminds me that the very core of my recovery is YOU!

“We must all hang together  or we will hang separately”

Ben Franklin



In his winter’s cap, ready for a long winter’s nap

On that note, Merry Christmas!

Success measured in daily joy/accomplishments


fun itself is free!
fun itself is free!

We had a yard sale today at The Wellness Innovations Center. It was about 76 degrees and sunny. I got a little too much sun. I like the color pink and now that’s me all over. 

  I wasn’t sure how many people would come. I knew we had enough donations for a great sale but I’m prone to worrry. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and there was already a member waiting to start baking cookies and two trays of treats already baked by staff from another program.  Members came in slowly but surely and set up tables and goods outside. One member decided to post the event on the public radio bulletin board.  Another member arrived by bike with a trailer of donations. Everything was priced to sell, bargains were made, IOU’s taken. People who had no money were patient enough to wait until 1:30 pm when everything became free.  We made $131.27 to help with our lunches for this month.

There’s nothing like having a goal and being a member of a happy team to help me with my state of mind. Everyone pitched in. Some collected money, some invited their friends. Finding a group of people to belong to and a purpose in life is not easy. We who are in recovery have to be patient in building our community.  It may take a village to raise a child but it take time to build a village!  Instead of looking for the instant satisfaction and big dollars that society encourages me towards I think I’ll stick with building  my community here one cookie, one blog post, one yard sale at a time.

By the way, we have about 200 ( out of 900) videos and some women’s size 1x and 2X clothes left over. We are going to keep them for one week here at The WIC and anyone can take whatever they want for free before we donate them somewhere else. Stop by or let us know if you want to use them for your yard sale!