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Sustainability and mental health through yard sales


thrift shop 2

What do yard sales have to do with mental health? last week we at The WIC had to do some end of the fiscal year creative thinking around our schedule. We decided that we better spend some more time making money than spending it! We are going to have a yard sale/bake sale on Friday June 7th from 10:30 to 2 pm out here at 2735 E. Tudor Road.

We did a little research last Friday and found out that if you tell people that you need something and don’t have enough money to pay you can often work out a deal at a yard sale.  Sure people want to make some money but they also want their stuff to go away so asking if you can have it for less or nothing is often a risk worth taking.

The Macklemore & Lewis song is right in many ways. It’s way cooler to get something cheap and original than to spend money for something that’s made to go out of style in a week.  Sometimes I feel proud of the bargains I’ve found. Other times I start to realize that I don’t really need too much more stuff in my life.  Also I get to know people in my community rather intimately. You find out that someone’s husband died or their grandpa, that their kid moved away and that’s why they’re having the sale.  We met someone with most of a clarinet last week. I hadn’t realized I still wanted to learn an instrument until I saw that.

thrift shop

It’s never too late to be an entrepreneur. We saw a couple of smaller sales which appear to have sprung up around a big organized one which had brought people down their street.  Do you remember the phrase “rent party”?  We are kind of doing the same thing, inviting our friends to help us pull through a dry patch. We would do the same for you! We have books and games for sale and some stuff we are all going to bring from home. All the money goes to the Wellness Innovations Center  member food and activity fund. If you want to donate anything just send an email, comment or give a call to us at 762-8652.

Anyway feel free to stop by our yard sale  or have your own and spread the love.