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Spring Drama Project!

Call us crazy, no don’t do that, call us people in recovery, but we have lots of projects going on at The Wellness Innovations Center and here’s one more!

Spring Drama Project

The History of Psychiatry –Abbreviated


Writing and rehearsals begin

Weds. March 5th  12:15 pm

 at The WIC

 2735 E Tudor Road


All welcome!

Please call Joan at 762-8652 for more info

We are going to create this one and take it on tour! We need the help of anyone in the recovery community who would like to help.  It could be a musical, it could be based on a book like The Suitcase Project. We are going to see what fits best with the group we have.  Even if you can only come once or once in a while, come check us out.  There is no fee for this group as it is a recovery project funded by The Alaska Mental Health Trust.



August and renewed energy for recovery

August is a wonderful time to appreciate the energy of summer without the huge hit of sunlight and sleeping issues it can cause. I feel more relaxed because I just got back from vacation but also because I know that I can focus more on recovery goals and less on trying to fit everything into 23 hours of sunlight. Now I start moving back into more realistic expectations which is what recovery is all about anyway.

Here at the WIC, August events will include our annual trip to The Alaska State Fair on Thurs Aug. 22nd which is $2 Thursday with a can of food. We will also have an almost end of summer cookout  on Thursday August 29th.

Other things in the works,  The stop smoking group will probably move to Wednesdays right before lunch.

  Drama group will resume on Thursdays after lunch as we have put in a proposal to perform at The Alaska Social Workers conference in  October.  We need performers and writers who have something to say about recovery and who like to interact with the audience.  You don’t have to have any acting experience. This group is a good way to practice working with others on a goal with  a completion date. We usually have lots of fun and wind up using much of the stuff we do in rehearsal in the shows.  Please call Joan at 762-8652 or show up at 2735 E. Tudor Road at 12:30 on Thursdays to check us out. Remember our center is free thanks to a grant from The Alaska Mental Health Trust.

We are looking into speaking our recovery stories to counseling students in the area again. If you are interested in coming with us and helping people who are going to be counselors learn about recovery then give us a call again, 762-8652 and we will let you know the dates.

Finally we are working on starting a group which will address peer support on a beginning level for anyone who is interested. This is not a certificate program for employment but a group to build skills that will help anyone grow in building a support network and acting responsibly as a listener, referral agent and all around supporter for their peers.  This will be a weekly group that people can drop in and out of but will also emphasize the commitment and practice needed to engage in this step of recovery.  

It was fun to attend a meeting of my support group in Iceland. I hope you all have the opportunity to meet people in recovery wherever you roam.  We are a bigger group than you might realize. Let’s talk to each other!